Saving the Seas

The Saving the Seas Project was created by Mermaid Elle to inspire ocean conservation awareness and action through her mermaid work as an educational entertainer, creating magnificent ocean-inspired content and also donating to ocean conservation every single year since the start of her career. 

The vibrant color gradient from gold to deep blue represents the action of saving the seas from the shore, by promoting beach clean-ups, to the deep ocean by supporting organizations that help the problem of plastic pollution in our deep blue seas. The realistic fish scales give us a natural authentic approach to our wildlife under the sea and wearing them represents honoring the creatures that inspire us. 

This design includes real aerial images from Mermaid Elle’s home island in the Caribbean.

The Saving the Seas Collection truly captures the meaning of ocean conservation, inspiring awareness and, most important, action. Together, we can help improve our ocean’s health and make a difference. 

A percentage of the profits from this collection is donated to the 
Coral Restoration Foundation

coral restoration foundation