Cape Cali Wholesale

Cape Cali Wholesale

Wholesale Swim and Divewear

Welcome to Cape Cali Wholesale for everything that you need to supply your resort, boutique, mermaid store, or mermaid dive school! 

  • Mermaid LunaTails
  • Mermaid DiveTails
  • Mermaid GalleryTails
  • Swimwear for LunaTails and DiveTails
  • Swim Leggings 
  • Mahina MerFin Monofins
  • Linden Monofins

Wholesale benefits apply to any order of $500 and above. Discounts vary by item but are always at least 20%, with some items (pre-packs) having wholesale pricing reductions of as high as 47% off. Get set up immediately for wholesale purchasing at

Lead Wholesale Account Manager:

Darren Leonardi

Cape Cali Base Camp: