Our Story

Kat Deichmann the Inspo for Cape CaliThose who love the sea think of it as a magical place, filled with fantastical creatures . . . including beautiful, mysterious mermaids.

What would it be like to meet a mermaid? What if there were a sisterhood of them, each one fascinating and with a unique personality to match her color and appearance?

Cape Cali beckons you to explore the possibilities.

The idea began with Kat, a college student who’s all about water sports, fashion, and the mythology of mystical creatures from the watery depths, like the Selkies—sea creatures who shed their seal skins to walk among the humans who admire and adore them. Cape Cali partners and fashion industry experts Kim and Nanci developed Kat’s concept of a walkable Zip Fin Mermaid Tail. Soon, Kat’s younger sister and friends were glamming it up, parading around in the beautiful, easy-to-wear prototypes. An obsession—and fashion line--was born.

Thank you to all of our talented friends and family who helped make Cape Cali happen.