About Cape Cali and Ocean Conservation Efforts


Based in Southern California, Cape Cali is a mermaid dive and swimwear brand that designs water-centric styles that promote the wonders of the sea, while its proceeds contribute to ocean conservation efforts. 

Company History

The company was founded in 2018 by Kim and Nanci who have extensive experience in marketing, graphics and apparel design. The entrepreneurs teamed up with professional mermaid, diver and marine ecologist Mermaid Elle to develop a line of ultra functional mermaid tails. Seeking a safer, more swimmable design, the trio created a mermaid tail engineered to perform. Cape Cali mermaid tails are neutrally buoyant, lightweight and agile - making mermaiding an effortless experience! 

Products Dedicated to Sustainability and Quality

Cape Cali products are high quality, safe and efficient and represent conservation throughout their development, manufacturing and marketing. Cape Cali donates a percentage of its profits to ocean conservation organizations every year and their message of conservation resonates with people all around the world.


Cape Cali nurtures their message through their brand ambassadors - a special group of mermaids who are stewards of the seas, heroes of the oceans.  They tirelessly inspire others to become ocean advocates through meaningful messages and impactful imagery.  Cape Cali is proud to embody the importance of diversity by being represented around the world by ambassadors and customers of all ethnicities and nationalities. 


• To share a sincere passion for protecting our planet's oceans, marine life, wildlife and natural resources
 To promote strength, beauty, and resilience through physical fitness, self-expression and independence
 To support efforts to clean up our oceans and bring awareness of plastic pollution and its consequences
 To encourage participation, practice inclusion and value diversity
 To empower women, men, the LGBTQ+ community, BIPOC, AAPI, children and parents, swimmers and divers of all ages to be who they are, and to enjoy the amazing experience of mermaiding



Saving the Seas Project
Mermaid Elle® is an ocean conservation advocate and certified marine ecologist who promotes the protection and healing of our oceans and environment through education.


The Black Mermaid Foundation
Zandi Ndhlovu is a PADI Ambassadiver, freediving instructor and Diverse Oceans Advocate located in South Africa.The Black Mermaid Foundation works with local Ocean facing communities to provide Interactive Ocean experiences in order to create a connection with the Sea in hopes to grow our Ocean Advocates across the continent!



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