Cape Cali's Story

About Cape Cali and Our Ocean Conservation Efforts

Cape Cali fashion is designed with the ocean lover or mermaid soul in mind.

All of our clothing promotes the beauty and wonders of the ocean while its proceeds contribute to ocean conservation efforts. Join us in self-expression for the love of the sea while helping to protect it.

10% of our profits go to for their ocean conservation efforts


At Cape Cali, our mission is to:

  • Share a sincere passion for protecting our planet’s oceans and water resources for all living creatures.
  • Promote strength, beauty, and resilience through self-expression, independence, and physical well-being.
  • Create ways to make the world a better place by supporting efforts to clean up our oceans and bring awareness of plastic pollution and its dangers. 

Cape Cali is a California Mermaid Company with Mermaid Style and Ocean Conservation first and foremost on our minds. We produce and design our mermaid clothing and our merman collection in Southern California and Northern Texas.

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