CapeCali just launched Eco-Tails!

by: Elle Jimenez (Mermaid Elle), Lead CapeCali Ambassador
Exactly how that sounds, CapeCali mermaid tails are now made of eco-friendly fabric! Let’s take you on our journey into creating this exciting new collection!


CapeCali launched their first mermaid tails and matching divewear in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic crisis that still gives us goosebumps just thinking about it! We thought “this is the MERFECT time to make tails” as a way to add more magic to our audience and our customers in such a difficult time. We chose the Mahina Monofin to accompany our tails because of its sustainability and power. Made of recycled rubber, our monofins sport a beautiful ample mermaid-style shape which helps us avoid using a plastic casing or inserts to maintain the tail’s shape. As an ocean-inspired brand since its beginning in 2018, CapeCali was already on the way to a more sustainable mermaid brand. Now, in 2022, we are launching Eco-Tails, which includes our mermaid tails (SirenaTails & DiveTails) made out of recycled materials! We are so tail-flipping excited to make this happen! But how does it work?


The process involves transforming plastic bottles that have been recycled into certifiable, traceable, high-performance yarn using sustainable technology to collect, decontaminate and transform this plastic waste into fabric. This process uses less carbon and non-toxic products. It reduces global warming potential compared to conventional virgin polyester. Humans use about 1.2 million plastic bottles per minute and only 56% are recycled. So thank you to those who recycle; and those who do not…please do! It is because of this planet-conscious mindset we are able to reuse and repurpose our waste and create sustainable beautiful art, sport and fashion items, rather than it ending up in our landfills or our oceans.


At CapeCali, our core goals are to: inspire humans to love our oceans, dive efficiently with products that are high quality and durable, and provide our market with a sustainable option that allows them to take action in protecting our oceans. Our mermaid tails are designed by fashion and art designers and professional mermaids and divers which together have created a product that is both beautiful and functional, and now, sustainable. Function that leads to ocean conservation innovation.
Our oceans are our priority, as stewards of the sea. Collaborating with leading diving organizations such as PADI also has inspired us to take action and transform our brand to fit its new customer base: divers! As stated on the PADI Blog “PADI loves CapeCali for making it possible for mermaids to not only exist – but to use their magic to save the ocean, while inspiring us to fall in love with – and in turn, protect – the incredible underwater world. Not only are they constantly introducing more recycled products into their women-owned business, but 10% of all proceeds are donated to marine conservation.” More recycled products may be underway, indeed!
With the launch of these new Eco-Tails we hope to bring awareness to the impact we have on our planet. As stewards of the sea, we are excited for our CapeCali future towards healthier oceans. Are you ready to dive in?
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A percentage of all CapeCali sales also donate to ocean conservation.

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