SirenaTails by CapeCali - New ECO Mermaid Tails!

The formerly named “LunaTails” now called SirenaTails have been freshly revamped, using eco-friendly fabric! 

Enjoy 6 beautiful new colorways and the new fabric made out of recycled water bottles. The new eco-friendly fabric is 78% RECYCLED Polyester and 22% Spandex, 4 way stretch, high chlorine resistance, UPF 50+, certified recycled, with a hidden zipper in the fluke. These tails fit the Linden Monofin comfortably, great for beginners and intermediate mermaid divers. They are accompanied by eco rashies and eco surf bikini tops. 

Check out our DiveTails and GalleryTails for the next level of tails merfectly designed for advanced mermaid divers. 

At first glance…

My first thought when I saw them was “Look at the vibrancy of these colors!” The color printing on this fabric really stands out. The three dimensional scales are perfectly arranged and have so much detail. It’s almost like an optical illusion of real mermaid scales! The color gradient on the tails really offers something different for everyone, whether you’re into bright colors, tropical colors, pinks, reds, or even dark colors, for those who like that siren vibe. 

The material…

Touching this new fabric is oddly satisfying. Not kidding! It’s soft, thick and slippery. My first thought was “this will dry so fast!”. So I did a test and poured some water on it. Like butter, the water slid right off! The texture just feels stronger than any tail I’ve ever owned. The seams are impeccably sewn, strong and almost seamless. I couldn’t really tell at first glance where exactly the zipper was. Hidden zippers are a huge plus for keeping the mersona as magical as can be. 

The eco-friendly approach….

Not only the packaging is 100% made of recycled materials, but the tails came inside a CapeCali branded drawstring net bag to encourage mermaids to take them with on their next beach clean up, or on their next dive. The fabric on the tails as mentioned before is also made from recycled materials. Oh and I am not done! The profits of each sale also donate to ocean conservation. The whole eco-friendly experience is there from beginning to end and when one wears a Cape Cali tail, one truly represents the ocean and the importance of protecting it.

Women supporting women…

Cape Cali is a woman owned ocean inspired business and these SirenaTails support the mermazing invention by Linden Wolbert, also known as Mermaid Linden, one of the world’s most famous mermaids and pioneer not only in mermaid edutainment but in mermaid gear as well. The Linden monofin fits like a glove inside of the SirenaTails; a comfortable, fun and powerful monofin truly for any level mermaid. 

This is why I love Cape Cali, a woman owned mermaid tail and dive wear company re-inventing themselves and propelling the eco-movement. Want to be a mermaid and join in? Your dreams are only an eco-mermaid tail away!

I can’t wait to dive in! Shop CapeCali’s Eco-Collection and these new SirenaTails at: Eco Collection – Cape Cali Follow @capecalibrand on Instagram

Photos by @nativproductions  

Modeled by @themermaidelle    

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