Mahina MerFin ADULT - CORAL

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NEW COLOR!  Limited quantity

The Cape Cali Marmaid DiveTail was created to fit the Mahina monofin

The sleek design of the MerFin provides the wearer with an authentic mermaid swimming experience. The functional Mermaid monofin is designed for performance, speed & propulsion through the water.

Neutrally buoyant, soft and flexible, the Mahina MerFin is light as a feather and won’t weigh the swimmer down. The blade is designed for a soft & fluid motion through the water, while giving swift propulsion & speed. Once on, it feels as if it is a natural extension of your body.

* Made from natural and recycled rubber
* Made in Malaysia
* Mahina MerFin is the first functional rubber mermaid fin of its kind

For a more comfortable fit, order up a size.  For longer swims we recommend wearing scuba socks, like these from Seavenger.

Our Mahina MerFin ships directly from Texas