Cape Cali Clearance

Cape Cali Clearance on Walkable Blanket Mermaid Tails, Trucker Hats, and more.

Cape Cali Walkable Mermaid Tail is the perfect loungewear for AFTER a great work out like Mermaiding, swimming, surfing or diving - or just to wear while hanging out with your other mermaid friends. The plushy tail features a foot pocket in the fluke to keep your feet warm and a front zipper release so it can glide behind you while walking. Cape Cali offers this exclusive walkable zip fin in four colors, all have glittery mermaid scales to bring out your inner mermaid sparkle.  

Cape Cali Mermaid Logo Trucker Hat is the perfect accessory to top off your Cape Cali Tail, tee, and/or Hoodie. 

Rose Gold Mermaid Shell Bikini Tops and Bottoms.

Silver Foil Mermaid Shell Bikini Top Tops and Bottoms.


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