Meet Zoe the Whale Shark Mermaid Representing Cape Cali 🐋🦈

Here is a little background on the newest member of the Cape Cali Mermaids pod Zoe Meyers. 💦

I go to California State University Long Beach! Here I study Marine Biology. I also volunteer at CSULB’s Shark Lab and Marine Lab. 🦈

My love started in the ocean when I was three years old! I went to a marine biology camp in Hawaii, where I learned about different fish species, how turtles hatch, and much much more. Ever since that day, I knew I wanted to study marine biology! 🐬

I just completed a marine biology internship in Utila, Honduras, with the Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center (WSORC). Here I learned ALL about the reef. I could tell you any fish, organism, coral, and even algae on the reef thanks to WSORC! We also worked on several projects like our coral restoration project and our lionfish containment project. 🦀

Here we hunted Lionfish because they are an invasive species with NO natural predators!! These fish are not only poisonous, but they eat everything- and I mean EVERYTHING! Anything that can fit into these fish's mouths, they eat it! Most of their diet includes shrimp and baby fish. 😢

We also studied the Whale Shark! These creatures are some of the most mysterious animals on the planet. Sadly, we know very little about Whale Sharks because they rarely spend any time at the surface of the water, and they sink when they die. 🐋

My goal in studying marine biology is to help make our planet a better place with a cleaner ocean! Without our seas, this planet could not have been alive - literally. Water covers more than 70% of our world, yet it is more undiscovered than space! 🌎

I hope to empower people to think more about global climate change and what it is doing to our planet - especially our ocean. Most animals in the sea can only handle a minimal change in temperature. Many of our coral reefs are bleaching and later on dying because of this new temperature change. Although coral reefs cover less than 1% of the surface of the planet, they help support over 40% of life on Earth! That means that losing our coral reefs would be more detrimental than losing the Amazon rain forests. 🐠

I hope just telling a little of my story and what our ocean does helps inspire people to not only learn more about it but also to help protect it! 💙💙

Thank you again, Cape Cali, for helping make my dreams turn into a reality with creating this new whale shark outfit and helping educate people worldwide! 🌍

Zoe Meyers

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